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What Else is in Store?

The future is bright and cloudy.


We know our plate must look full right about now, but we’re always looking ahead and we’re always hungry for more.

This year we will be developing even more cloud based solutions for our clients apart from the Cloud Backup and Office 365 solutions which we currently offer. In this fast-moving day and age, with tablets and smartphones and numerous other devices connected to the internet, cloud technology provides a convenient and economically efficient way to stay on top of it all.  Our Office 365 solution, for example, allows you to share and edit Word documents, Spreadsheets, and even PowerPoint presentations not only at the office, but also on the go, whether it be on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Being a subscription based service, you always have the latest version of  the MS Office Suite at your fingertips, and all for a small monthly fee.  We really look forward to further developing our cloud services and can’t wait to share them with you once they’re ready to roll out. In the meantime we’ll be promoting some of our current cloud services with special offers.  We’ll keep you posted!

Plans to step up our game.


In the near future we will be integrating web-hosting and SEO services to go hand in hand with our new web design service, consolidating everything under our roof and under our diligent watch, just the way you like it. Last but not least, expect more special offers from us on everything from our cloud services to our managed IT services. We want you to refer us to other companies! It’s the most effective way for us to find new clients, so we plan on compensating you better for valid referrals. And we also have new services to sell, meaning we’ll be dangling some carrots for you to try them out!  Expect to see new offers in the coming months.


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