Managed IT Services

What’s slowing business down, or chipping away at your company’s bottom line?

Questions like these are the right ones to keep in mind when you look at your options for IT support.

Based on what your business needs, we offer 3 different levels of support, ranging from responsive “on call” network support to full IT coverage that encompasses your network, devices, and services. Consider how you want your technology to work for you and we can set up a plan that’s the right fit for your business.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Network issues – Who owns the problem?
  • Management and non-technical staff are often playing the role of help desk.
  • Problems keep cropping up, but there’s no budget for new hires.
  • Having a hard time hiring the right tech talent for your company.
  • The business is growing quickly and your network is struggling to keep up.

  • Downtime is adding up and you’re sure it’s eating into revenue.
  • Your IT budget is unpredictable, and overall costs are soaring.
  • You need new services to grow, but implementation is a problem.
  • Time-consuming tasks are keeping your team from more strategic work.
  • No after-hours or holiday support.

Selecting the right service plan will help.

Always There When You Need Us

Core Secure

Designed for businesses that want reliable network support on an on-call basis.

Quicker repairs than doing the work yourself, saving revenue-generating time in the process.

Includes monitoring of key network devices, backup systems, and more.

Priority ranking in the service queue compared to non-contract customers.


See our datasheet for more details

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Staying One Step Ahead of the Problem

Pro Secure Plan

Designed for businesses where avoiding downtime is critical.

The program for businesses where network downtime is not an option.

Far more reliable uptime with proactive services performed monthly, and rapid response rates for emergencies.

Consulting services that help your business plan for future growth and the technology you need to support that growth.

Priority ranking in the service queue compared to Core Secure Plan customers.


See our datasheet for more details

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Complete Coverage for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Encompass Secure Plan

Designed for businesses that require robust security and unlimited support.

Keeps the network up and running, plus added IT services covering security, backup, and mobility.

Dramatically reduces downtime across the business with preventative care and 24/7 network monitoring.

Predictable costs with a fixed pricing plan eliminates unexpected IT overhead from issues and emergencies.

Highest ranking in the service queue.


See our datasheet for more details

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