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IT Security has been around for a while; we’re all too familiar with that free “McAfee” or “AVG” icon at the bottom right corner of our screens. While a simple line of defense, like a free anti-virus, may keep your home computer safe from harm 75% of the time, it’s usually not the same case for a business network. The difference between a home network and a business network, in the eyes of a hacker, is that a business network has a target on its back, and the bullseye is a “$” sign. Cybercriminals go after companies because companies generally have valuable information such as customer payment information or medical records. Companies also often have data and technology that they can’t operate without, like a CRM or billing program. Hackers know this, which is why they are hijacking this type of data and holding it ransom until you can pay up. They know you need it. They know you’ll pay.

Our clients don’t get ransomware, and if one of them did, they would never have to pay the ransom. This is because we ensure that all of our clients have the failsafes in place to not only refuse to pay a ransom, but to continue running like business as usual, even in the event of a data breach.

Though ransomware is by far the most prominent IT security threat to small and medium businesses in the last few years, it’s only one of many emerging threats to IT out there today. Our suite of security tools from companies such as AVG, Cylance, Barracuda and SonicWALL gives us the ability to continuously monitor your IT’s security, identify and fix any vulnerabilities, identify and target malicious files with the use of artificial intelligence, manage and secure mobile devices, and form even greater lines of defense with the use of hardware and the Cloud.

AVG Security Suite


As AVG Business Partners, we have the ability to monitor your entire network, continuously testing for security and productivity flaws, and provide preventative maintenance so that your network is always in optimal condition.

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On top of that, we have a full arsenal of security products from AVG security products at our disposal:

AVG Business Anti-Virus Business Edition 2016

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AVG Anti-Spam

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AVG Content Filtering

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AVG Secure Sign On

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Corp IT Group

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Corp IT Group Cloud Backup Solution

Safeguarding your data in the cloud, allowing you to have peace of mind no matter what kind of on-premises emergency may be occurring.

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Corp IT Group Recovery Cloud

A turnkey hybrid cloud solution which simplifies business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) service delivery for companies in small, large, or multi-site environments.

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State-of-the-art anti-virus protection typically reserved for large enterprises and government entities. What sets Cylance apart from all other anti-virus tools is its machine learning capabilities. Cylance uses artificial intelligence to determine if a file is malicious or not, and can even stop “zero-day” threats, the name given to brand new viruses that have not yet been identified. Cylance is on all the time, meaning virus scans are a thing of the past.

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SonicWALL Firewall


A powerful Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance that enables high-performance network security for small and medium-sized businesses.

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