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Health IT Best Practices Against a Burgeoning Cyber-Crime Market

Health IT Best Practices Against a Burgeoning Cyber-Crime Market

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Healthcare organizations and their IT providers have a lot on their plates these days.

Electronic Health Records are highly coveted in the black market. Your private health record is worth more to a hacker than your credit card, and hackers, just like everyone else, go to where the money is, making healthcare organizations a prime target.

This is old news to most healthcare providers.  Pretty much anyone who reads the news by now knows what ransomware is and how costly it can be, as was seen earlier this year when the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center had to pay a $17,000 ransom to regain control of their computer systems. As a result, IT departments and service providers have been beefing up perimeter defenses with next-generation firewalls, cloud-based disaster recovery, and state-of-the-art endpoint protection.

While most would agree that reinforcing perimeter defenses is not only important but necessary, it still doesn’t fully address the largest threat to data security; employees.

Employees are the largest threat because they hold the keys to the kingdom; passwords. And passwords can be stolen in several ways, most commonly in the form of email scams and other online scams known as “phishing”.

Phishing attacks use social engineering tactics to trick people into willingly sharing their passwords. They have become more sophisticated over the last few years, making easy targets out of even the most tech-savvy employees.

So, how can we eliminate human error from the equation?

Do you educate your employees on how to avoid or detect a phishing attack? Do you implement a password security policy so that all passwords are strong and are changing every 90 days or so? While both answers are correct, they still leave room for error.

Healthcare employees typically work with many passwords, across many applications, and they often must enter their passwords multiple times in a single day. A great way to reduce password loads while increasing security across your entire network is by implementing a single sign-on solution such as AVG SSO.

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AVG SSO combines multi-factor authentication, Identity and Access Management, and Mobile Device Management, making a solution that brings three layers of security, while simultaneously making password policies a lot easier on employees.

To put it simply, an SSO solution greatly reduces the number of passwords you use, and the amount of times you must enter them in a single day. It can also locate, lock, swipe, and deploy mobile apps, ensuring that sensitive data, such as Protected Health Information, are safe and secure when being passed around on smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices.

At the end of the day, protecting sensitive data and staying compliant is done by having a security strategy that relies on a mix of hardware, software, and policies, and while an SSO tool can’t do all of this on its own, it sure helps take a lot off your plate.

Corp IT Group, Inc. Makes Donation to C&E Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School

Giving back to the community


It’s always important to give back to the community that shaped you, which is why Corp IT Group is proud to announce that we’ve made a donation to the Charlotte & Elise Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School in Sherman Oaks, CA.  This school was attended by our own President, Koko, and our Sales Manager, Mike, during their elementary school days.

Nothing makes us more proud than to give back to the Armenian community in Los Angeles, especially to such a great organization like the Merdinian School.

Staying on top of Disaster Recovery with The Cloud

Enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery

for the SMB market.


Disaster recovery is somewhat new to the small-to-medium-sized-business (SMB) market. Though disaster recovery has been a priority for virtually every business with a dependence on computer systems since its inception in the late 1970’s, the high cost meant that it was only available to the Fortune 500’s of the world.

The rest of us had to make do with what we could afford, which wasn’t much.

Luckily, nowadays Enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery is only “enterprise-grade” in name, not because it has dropped in quality or scale (quite the contrary), but because advances in internet connectivity, networking equipment, processing power, and the rise of cloud computing have given birth to Disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS), making enterprise-grade Disaster Recovery affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The most common and most affordable DRaaS tool for SMBs today is a cloud backup solution.

Taking control of your data with Cloud Backups.

The way it works is simple; every few minutes an image of your server is captured, encrypted, and replicated onto another secure server offsite.

With such a solution in place, you can rest assured that your sales, client info, bills, files, and everything else on your database is safe and not lost.

Just a month ago one of our clients, who happened to be running outdated servers (against our best efforts), suffered a system crash. But thanks to Corp IT Group’s cloud backup solution, all was not lost, and we were able to quickly retrieve the lost data from the cloud and load it onto a new server.  Can you imagine the headache that would have ensued if they had lost all of that data? Financial reports, payrolls, customer info, emails, bills; all lost.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.


It’s almost crazy to think that just a few years ago, as crucial as disaster recovery is, it was just too expensive for most companies.

Thankfully that’s no longer the case, and your company now has the choice to leave those nightmares behind.

Corp IT Group 2016 Special Offer #1

Sign up for any of our Managed IT Service plans and get the first month free

Vintage desk for Q1 special offer

Every office has those days where Murphy’s Law of “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” is in full force. It can be anything as menial as “My mouse isn’t working” to something more monumental like “We can’t send or receive any emails, our server is down, and our clients are starting to freak out!”

It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable, especially in the realm of technology.

Corp IT Group is here to stop Murphy in his tracks!

Our job is not to just fix issues like virus attacks or server failures. Our job is to take the proper steps to prevent these types of issues from occurring in the first place and to focus on optimizing your IT environment, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your equipment and your network set up.

That’s the value of Corp IT’s Managed Service plans; The right plan for the right price so that you can worry about more important things, like running your company. Technology can be a tricky ordeal. Why not leave that headache to the experts? Contact us today and find out which plan is right for you. You can contact us here.

And remember, the first month is free!

Welcome to the new Corp IT Group

What’s New?


Those of you who know us know just how much we have worked in the last 13 years of Corp IT Group’s existence. In that time we’ve focused on bringing the highest level of IT management and consulting coupled with stellar customer service to you, our clients. It’s been a great experience so far, and we’re sure you can all attest to the fact that we love the work and the relationships we’ve built with each and every one of you. Having had the chance to watch many of our clients expand in terms of employee size and services, we can’t help but feel proud knowing that our services helped you all reach your goals in some way.

With that in mind, we are very proud to announce that our own expansion process is taking flight, and that none of it would have been possible without the years of loyalty and dedication we’ve received from you, our clients.

Now with our new company image, expanded services, marketing strategy, and new special offers, we’re ready to step out into the light and spread the word that Corp IT Group truly is your one stop solution for all of your IT needs.  Welcome to the new Corp IT Group.


Our New Company Image

New face, same company.


They say to never judge a book by its cover, which holds true to some extent. But doesn’t it go against the notion that one should dress for success?

New chapters, better book.

The real truth lies somewhere in between, where the book’s cover and the contents inside reflect the same. In Corp IT Group’s case, the content reflects a professional level of attention and dedication to detail that is nothing short of excellence. That is what we continuously strive to be for our clients, and we decided it was about time that our book’s cover matched the richness of its content. New face, same company, new chapters, better book.

A Head-First Dive into Social Media

New Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts have been around for a while now, but as some of you may have noticed, we have recently become much more active with our social media outlets, constantly posting relevant information for our clients, anything from announcements about changes or upgrades to our services, to helpful tips and news about the latest tech on the market for the everyday consumer, be it smartphones, tablets, apps or PC’s.

We will constantly be updating and sharing our latest blog posts as well, right here on our brand new website, as we focus on providing tech-related original content for our clients and for anyone else out there who may be interested. Our social media links are at the top of this page, follow us!

What Else is in Store?

The future is bright and cloudy.


We know our plate must look full right about now, but we’re always looking ahead and we’re always hungry for more.

This year we will be developing even more cloud based solutions for our clients apart from the Cloud Backup and Office 365 solutions which we currently offer. In this fast-moving day and age, with tablets and smartphones and numerous other devices connected to the internet, cloud technology provides a convenient and economically efficient way to stay on top of it all.  Our Office 365 solution, for example, allows you to share and edit Word documents, Spreadsheets, and even PowerPoint presentations not only at the office, but also on the go, whether it be on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Being a subscription based service, you always have the latest version of  the MS Office Suite at your fingertips, and all for a small monthly fee.  We really look forward to further developing our cloud services and can’t wait to share them with you once they’re ready to roll out. In the meantime we’ll be promoting some of our current cloud services with special offers.  We’ll keep you posted!

Plans to step up our game.


In the near future we will be integrating web-hosting and SEO services to go hand in hand with our new web design service, consolidating everything under our roof and under our diligent watch, just the way you like it. Last but not least, expect more special offers from us on everything from our cloud services to our managed IT services. We want you to refer us to other companies! It’s the most effective way for us to find new clients, so we plan on compensating you better for valid referrals. And we also have new services to sell, meaning we’ll be dangling some carrots for you to try them out!  Expect to see new offers in the coming months.


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