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Tarzana Award
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When it comes to technology, modern businesses of all shapes and sizes have a similar goal in mind: to keep business running smoothly and securely while taking advantage of the best that today and tomorrow’s technology has to offer. Our job is to help you reach that goal by leveraging your current technology, advising on emerging technology, bringing down costs, and simplifying your IT footprint.

With our deep expertise in data protection and security, cloud computing, and our proactive approach to IT management, we can help you boost efficiencies while driving down risk and cost. Corp IT Group can help you by:

  • Continuously monitoring apps, network performance and security performance across the cloud, on-premises infrastructure, and mobile devices.
  • Providing turnkey management and security solutions that can help you grow safely and efficiently.
  • Allowing you to focus on building your business instead of managing your own network infrastructure.
  • Giving you the ability to scale out quickly and affordably with pay-as-you-go cloud services.
  • Getting the most from your network infrastructure without increasing labor and training costs.

And the list goes on.

If you would like to learn more about us and our services, contact us today and request a free security and productivity analysis of your network.

About Our President

The first traces of Corp IT Group can be found four years prior to the company’s establishment, when Founder and President, Koko Meguerditchian, started providing freelance IT services in 1999 to businesses in the San Fernando Valley. With an MBA in Computer Science from Mount Sierra College, and certifications in MSCE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) and MCP (Microsoft Managed Service Provider), Koko’s clientele quickly grew to the point where he could no longer handle the workload himself. Enter Corp IT Group, Inc. in 2003.

Today, Koko has successfully grown Corp IT Group into a national IT service provider with industry-specific expertise. What may be surprising to some, but not us, is that the company still continues to grow both in knowledge and reach, and Koko has been at the helm from the start.

Koko’s values and work ethic have been at the heart of the company since day one, which is why we still proudly serve those customers who have been loyal to him since his early days as a freelancer, years before Corp IT was even established.



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